What is Scandinavian Full Scribe Log Building
The Scandinavian Full Scribe method of building goes back over a thousand years. Used and developed in the Scandinavian Countries, a subset of the Nordic Countries, Aland Is, Denmark, Farse Is, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

This being said, it is obvious that each of these countries enjoys a very cold winter which can extend up to eight months of the year. The construction technics had to be equivalent to the very harsh weather of each of these countries, keeping the occupants warm in the winter using very little energy.

It was quite a surprise when it was discovered that this same log home that was so great in the cold season, when brought to the US, turned out to be a fantastic log structure for warm temperatures also. It seems that the large logs used for this type of log home can give a R-Factor of over R-24. A much higher R-Factor than any type of standard construction. It prevents the heat from migrating through the walls making it almost unnecessary for air conditioning in the warmest of southern climates.

For over eleven hundred years their building technics were refine and honed to protect and provide a warm shelter. In so doing the methods of Scandinavian Full Scribe Log Building was born, and developed to their present day standards. Many of the Log Homes of these countries are over a thousand years old and being lived in to this day.

Today, we can enjoy the craftsmanship of the old world married with the new world technology. We now find that these fully handcrafted Log Homes have the very highest R-Factor rating of the logs, far above any standard construction. It has also been shown that they can be built virtually hurricane and tornado resistant.

At Dream Crafters we know how labor intensive Scandinavian Full Scribe Log Building is, but it's worth every second of hard work. When we truck a Log Shell to our customer we are the only one's that reassemble the shell, not wanting anyone that does not understand the great effort in handcrafting this log shell, or the complexity of this type of structure, to try and assemble it on the customer's waiting foundation. Our Turn-Key Contractor makes this a simple building project for the New Log Home Owner.

So, what actually is Scandinavian Full Scribe Log Building?

It's a craftsmanship that surpasses all forms of machined structures such as "D" log, or any of the other configurations used today as a poor attempt to replace the Old World Trained Craftsman that have almost disappeared from the housing industry of North America. A handcrafted art that cannot be mass produced on an assembly line, or accomplished by any number of foreign nationals in the labor market today.

The handcrafted art of scribing an upper log to match the contour of the log below, and carving a weather tight seam that cannot be copied by the untrained, nor by the best computer controlled machine. In the above, left picture, is a good example of that superior handicraftsman. A slight shadow is apparent, and the scribe pencil line is still present, the seam is completely weather tight.

Also, the corner notch, second picture on the upper right, is not only weather tight, it locks together the wall logs in a manner that helps to make the Handcrafted Log Home Home can be built to give high resistants to Tornado's, Hurricane's, and Earth Quakes. Along with this, the Superior Craftsmanship used in the carving of these logs makes this Log Home Shell totally unaffected by shrinkage, as this is just one of the major problems with machined log kits sold by all log home kit companies of today's housing market.

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